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Jordan Roher (2015)


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  • Jordan.Roher.me

    Replace build system, complete front-end redesign

    Jordan.Roher.me home page circa 2021
  • PlayFab

    Rewrite .NET MVC Game Manager and port public website to static site generator

    Concept design for Game Manager
  • 343 Industries

    Halo Waypoint marketing, user portal, and forums development on a custom Azure CMS

    Green and brown Spartan in a futuristic sci-fi setting
  • Ardent Eagle Solutions

    Design and implement website and marketing materials for Tampa government contractor

    Website concept for Ardent Eagle Solutions
  • Metia Game Design Proposals

    Playful iPhone and iPad game concepts from the early days of the App Store

    Game concept screenshot of a sad raincloud raining on people having a picnic in a park
  • Hadoop on Azure

    Build an interface to manage Hadoop clusters on Azure using jQuery and HTML 5 canvas

    Website concept for the Hadoop on Azure team
  • CorpDirect

    Webmaster, graphic design, usability testing, and small business tech support

    Website design for CorpDirect